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Computer Driven Design

M.Sc. | Summer Semester 2023 | LV1720808

Professur Digital Design and Fabrication

T-T Professor Moritz Dörstelmann, Javier Fuentes, Baris Wenzel.

The course provides an overview of current state of the art AI-tools and critically examines their relevance for architectural design and construction processes. We will experiment with exemplary workflows for various design phases ranging from inspirational image generation to concepts of chatbots writing computational design codes and pragmatic construction applications of machine learning algorithms for façade panel optimization. During small exercises we try to identify opportunities and limitations offered by these new tools.
In collaboration with external experts in the field, we will develop a basic understanding of the underlying technologies and concepts and develop critical thinking and awareness for potential conflicts within our discipline regarding authorship, singularity, social inclusiveness, or ethical aspects among others.

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