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With a focus on digital design and digital fabrication, DDF's master courses advance a creative, research-led environment that stimulates critical investigations into issues of circular construction and sustainability through computation, innovative construction methods and material systems, green technologies in architecture and interdisciplinary approaches. Students will engage with cutting-edge computational and digital manufacturing techniques, in project-based explorations at the interface of research and teaching. The aim is to identify and develop future trajectories, enabled by digital techniques, that can address current and upcoming environmental and societal challenges. Particular emphasis is placed on research-informed designs that deploy integrative digital strategies to incorporate varied aspects, from architectural to environmental, into a prototypical-oriented vision.

Current Master Courses

Terra Timber

BSc & MSc Course

SS24 - LV1720810

Global Threads

Master Studio

SS24 - LV1720805

Freie Studienarbeit

Master Course


Previous Master Courses