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Seminarwoche Digital Craft

B.Sc. & M.Sc. | Summer Semester 2022 | LV1720810

Professur Digital Design and Fabrication

T-T Professor Moritz Dörstelmann, Daniel Fischer, Javier Fuentes, Eszter Olah, Erik Zanetti.

Professur Design of Structures

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Riccardo La Magna, David Andersson Largueche, Gianluca Casalnuovo, Tamara Haußer, Michael Kalkbrenner.

Digital Craft offers an opportunity to gain insight and first-hand experience in digital design and fabrication systems that lead to a circular, material-driven and performance-oriented architecture. In synergy with the Master Studio Digital Wicker 2.0, the course focuses on the creation of the first Mock-up for the “Das Fest” festival, taking place in Karlsruhe in July 2022. Combining digital fabrication and composites made of natural materials, we will produce and assemble a temporary structure that showcases the potential of a digital circular construction system at 1:1 scale.

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