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Master Entwfur Digital Wicker

M.Sc. | Winter Semester 2021 - 2022 | LV1720805

Professur Digital Design and Fabrication

The building sector is responsible for more than a third of the global resource consumption, making it a key sector for the global transformation towards a circular economy.

Digital design and fabrication methods can address these global challenges and enable novel concepts of digital circular construction through tailored processes for renewable and natural materials.

Working at the intersection of research and teaching, we will prototype circular construction concepts through experimental investigations and evaluate their architectural potential regarding design, production, assembly and reconfiguration, as well as disassembly and recycling.

Starting from initial investigations of renewable and natural materials coupled with digital fabrication processes, we will establish a series of novel digital circular construction concepts, which will be subsequently tested in 1:1 scale proof-of-concept models. The architectural potential of these concepts will be explored through design iterations for a research demonstrator and a finalized proposal for an experimental structure, which will be realised at the "Das Fest" festival in Karlsruhe in the following semester.

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