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Master Studio Digital Wicker 2.0

M.Sc. | Summer Semester 2022 | LV1720805

Professur Digital Design and Fabrication

T-T Professor Moritz Dörstelmann, Erik Zanetti, Eszter Olah

Professur Design of Structures

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Riccardo La Magna,

Tamara Hauße

Building on the first iteration of the studio, Digital Wicker 2.0 enters a new phase, in which we will design and build a research demonstrator at 1:1 scale for the “Das Fest” festival in Karlsruhe in July 2022 that aims at advancing circular construction and correlated architectural concepts through the implementation of digital design and fabrication workflows/processes. Hybrid components made of fast-regrowing and earth-based materials will showcase the implementation of circular biological cycles as an alternative to conventional construction methods and enable the exploration of a novel design repertoire which is driven by digital fabrication techniques and innovative structural solutions.

Starting from design iterations of the research demonstrator, we will simultaneously develop and build the digital fabrication system and machinery for the production of the components which we will install at the “Das Fest” festival in July.

Working at the intersection of research and teaching and in interdisciplinary teams of architecture and engineering students, we will formulate and physically implement a concept that combines all aspects of construction, including architectural design, structural design, component production, assembly, and reconfiguration, as well as disassembly and recycling, in an integrated digital process.

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