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ReSidence Render


2023 - 2024

Project partners:

- TT-Prof. Moritz Dörstelmann, Professorship Digital Design and Fabrication
- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Riccardo la Magna, Professorship design of structures
- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Dietsch, Professorship Timber Structures and Building Construction + VAKA
- PD Dr.-Ing. Rebekka Volk, Research group Project and Resource Management of the Built Environment

- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wagner, Professorship building physics and technical building services
- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Dehn, Institute of Concrete Structures and Building Materials+ MPA

The ReSidence project researches digital construction technologies for rapidly renewable resources and combines them into a modular construction for temporary, completely recyclable and waste-free living space extensions. In a synergetic development of both construction methods, their interfaces are explored and combined into a holistic, digitally prefabricated construction system made of natural building materials. For this purpose, a design for supporting structures made of natural fiber composite is being further developed and research is being carried out into how this can be transferred to facade constructions.

1.334.224,00 € | 8 interdisciplinary partners | Project Lead Bioökonomie Innovations- und Investitionsprogramm für den Ländlichen Raum (BIPL BW) Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Food, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection (MLR)

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