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Stegreif Kulturkiosk Freiburg

M.Sc. | Summer Semester 2022 | LV1720811

Professur Digital Design and Fabrication

In collaboration with the Professur Nachhaltiges Bauen

Stühlinger Kirchplatz is a small park in the center of Freiburg. A well-known meeting point for the whole community and a venue for diverse events, it is also a place of conflict due to drug dealing and excessive alcohol consumption. An initiative by local social and cultural associations aims to establish a small multifunctional building or object as a starting point for a positive and integrated development of the whole park. Developing a concept for this "Kulturkiosk", addressing the social cultural context with sustainable construction and digital design, will be the focus of the Stegreif. 
The Stegreif is a collaboration between the Professur Nachaltiges Bauen, Professur Digital Design and Fabrication and "Schwere(s)Los! e.V.".

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