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Reprogramming Wood Waste

M.Sc. | Summer Semester 2023 | LV 1720807

Professur Digital Design and Fabrication

T-T Professor Moritz Dörstelmann, Vincent Witt, Erik Zanetti, Javier Fuentes

To reduce the depletion of global resources, architects must consider the potential of reclaimed building materials from the urban mine, which present challenges due to their irregular and non-standard features. Digital design and fabrication can offer the required adaptability and tailored re-use processes to address this issue.

This studio will explore the potential of upscaling salvage wood by developing innovative processes to sort different shapes and sections of reclaimed wood into complex lattice structures. We will also investigate the integration of other natural materials to create composite components that respond to varying architectural requirements.

By coupling reclaimed wood with digital fabrication processes such as human-robot collaboration, Augmented Reality (AR), and robotic fabrication, we can discover new digital circular construction concepts that offer future trajectories for construction while also investigating novel architectural languages that emerge from the materiality.

Working at the intersection of teaching and research, we will develop digital circular construction concepts through experimental prototypes, alongside digital workflows, and evaluate their potential regarding design, production, assembly and reconfiguration, as well as disassembly and recycling through design iterations for architectural applications.

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